Target: 4 Miles

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It’s Fall & It’s Cold Out

It's Fall & It's Cold Out

I have been a huge baby lately. I should start training, especially since I have never run further than 3 miles and I want to slowly build miles. I NEED to start building up my miles if I’m ever going to run 13.1 miles!

I need to also watch my diet. I was on a great streak until my birthday happened and I slacked off, BIG TIME. Oops. Time to reel it in, to start getting serious. It’s time to figure out why my lower back starts tightening up in the beginning of my runs lately…

And how to run FASTER.

Hello world!


Hello, world!

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Seattle and I’ve been on a fitness kick for the past few years.

I started working out on the machines at the gym to lose weight, but they started to get boring. Luckily, a super encouraging trainer suggested I join her Boot Camp class and I take 2-3 of the 1-hour sessions each week.

In the summer of 2013 I fell in love with running—I’m slow as molasses, but I find it super enjoyable! In June 2014 I will run my first Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon! Wish me luck.