Half Training: Weeks 8-10

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Happy Mother's Day, mom! My mother at the Seattle-Luoyang Peony Festival

I love my mom, but she drives me crazy sometimes, and vice-versa! 😛 My mom has always been hardworking and I admire her for that. She’s also the type to give you everything she has, while not taking any for herself. We always want to shower her with gifts, but she never wants them. Let us love you mom!!!~  ♥♥♥

Anyway, I have not updated since Week 7, crazy! I need to catch up—but first:
Running with the BFF along Lake Washington

First track session with the training group!

I love this view

I love this view

Pain! Probably medial shin splints

First run, post shin pain... Hill repeats! Boo.

Sadako at the Seattle Peace Park, seen during our 10 mile training run on Saturday

Week 8 (I felt good after my first 9 mi run so Week 8 was a breeze):

Monday: I ran a double on Monday the 21st (oops! I did it again), in the morning I did 4 miles with the BFF and in the evening, I did 3 miles with my sister, whose ankle was feeling better.

Wednesday: First track workout! I’ve never ran on a track before, so it was an interesting experience, but my stomach wasn’t feeling too good so I was slower than usual.

Thursday: My sister and I went to Fleet Feet to join the Saucony “I Am A Runner” 3.5 mile run. I could have tried on the new Saucony Kinvaras, but I wanted to continue running on my new(ish) Guide 7s.

Saturday: We dropped back down to 6 miles for our long run. It was not a good run for me, my left calf kept tightening up. I felt bad that I was holding the group behind. I finished without incident though, so I was happy.

Week 8 total: 21.1 mi

Week 9 (AKA the week that pain arrived):

Tuesday: I don’t remember why I didn’t run on Monday, but I went out Tuesday evening with my sister. It was hot and my left calf was still tight. We saw seals playing in the water though, which was super cool. We were supposed to run 5 miles, but cut it short to 4. My left calf was bothering me at first, but toward the end, my right calf was hurting as well.

Wednesday: We were supposed to do a tempo run with the training group. We started, but I mentioned to my mentor that my calf had been hurting. I was trying to run on it, but it was hurting a lot. My mentor was concerned and told me to head back to Fleet Feet to have one of them look at it. I talked to Dan about it, while he rolled my leg out with an Addaday roller, and he thought it might be shin splints. He advised me to take a day off, practice R.I.C.E., and see if I could run on Friday (I was still was in pain days later, so I skipped the 9 mile long run on Saturday). That night I did some researching, and I think it was Medial Shin Splints.

Week 9 total: 5.22 mi

Week 10 (gone back to work):

Tuesday: My leg was feeling better after almost a week of taping, compressing and rolling with the Addaday roller. I went out for a morning run with the BFF. I went pretty slowly and felt good, though I did feel some pulling in the region at first. We had a time crunch, so we did about 2.5 miles.

Wednesday: Back to training with Fleet Feet—we did hill repeats! It was super tough. We ran up & down our favorite hill twice, then up the hill and around the block, then back around the block and down the hill. Then repeat once more. It was tough, but I’m glad my legs were feeling ok.

Saturday: We felt a bit sore after the hill repeats, so my sister & I took Thursday as an extra rest day. On Saturday, I woke up early to drink my usual latte and had a slice of bread with peanut butter & strawberry jam. 10 miles was on the menu. I can’t lie, 10 miles was tough. My BFF’s sister is training with us too, but she’s in a different pace group. She decided to run with us that day, so she kept urging me to keep going. We started to play “goal catching” while running—this game is simple but effective:

  1. Tell yourself (or have someone tell you), “OK run from this point to that pole over there”.
  2. Run and reach your goal
  3. Walk or jog a little
  4. Repeat with a different goal

With her help, GU Espresso Love and Margarita Shot Bloks, I finished the damn 10 miles… My first double-digit run! However, my left hip is sore! Please stop freaking out on me, body. 😦 1 week until Rock n Roll Portland!

Week 10 total: 16.5 mi


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