Half Training: Week 7

Photos from Week 7

Rainy run through Downtown Seattle
Rainy run through Downtown Seattle

Rainy days mean no tourists out
Rainy days mean no tourists out

Beautiful course Saturday morning
Beautiful course Saturday morning

We even ran through Interlaken Park
Saturday took us through the Arboretum and Interlaken Park

Week 7 started with good intentions. I wanted to stop skipping the Monday and Tuesday workouts, but well, I have no excuse… It happened again!

On Wednesday though, of course I went to Fleet Feet to meet up with the group. We did our first FARTLEK workout! It was my first time and it was kinda tough since it was raining (and I had not run since Saturday), but by the end I found it kinda fun. My fast is still super slow, but I don’t expect to fix that overnight.

Thursday I had to stop myself from procrastinating, so I set out to run by myself—rain or shine! I ended up running through Downtown Seattle to the Olympic Sculpture Park and back through Downtown. I was pretty miserable out there since it was raining hard (and I was alone), but I finished what I was supposed to do so I was happy about that.

Friday came and I wanted to run to make up for missing Monday and Tuesday, but I decided against it since I had 9 miles to run the next day (and it was technically rest day)! So I took it easy and tried a new restaurant with my BFF. We went to 8oz Burgers on Broadway. I had The Broadway burger and a Pilsner. Delish.

Delicious beer & burger with the bff

Finally, it was long run Saturday. 9 miles was on the menu and I was afraid I was going to hit the wall again like I did in the week before. I had so many butterflies in my stomach. While waiting for everyone to arrive, I perused the selection of GU at the store and decided to try the Espresso Love flavor. I was curious if caffeine would help prevent me from bonking. I took it around 4.5 miles and I personally think it helped get me through the hilly course that wound through the Washington Park Arboretum and Interlaken Park. I liked the taste of Espresso Love more than the fruity flavors I’ve tried before and the salted caramel flavor too, which I thought was way too sweet.

When I got back to the store, I grabbed my stuff and waited for a ride from my sister. When I got in the car, I touched my face and discovered that my face was covered in salt crystals! GROSS. I felt super thirsty during the run, so I guess I did not hydrate properly. I should be careful to take in more electrolytes next time.

Week 7 total: 17.15 mi


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