Half Training: Week 5

Photos from Week 5

Tuesday morning along Lake Washington
Tuesday morning along Lake Washington

Tuesday evening along Lake Washington
Tuesday evening along Lake Washington

Street lamps during Wednesday training
Street lamps during Wednesday training

Space Needle Saturday
Space Needle view during Saturday’s long run

Week 5 was the week of low energystupidity.

My sister & I skipped Monday’s 3 mile run. I don’t remember why, but I don’t think we had much of a reason… So on Tuesday morning, the BFF and I went out to make up those 3 miles. After my sister got off work, we did Tuesday’s workout of 4 miles. My sister had to stop pretty early as her shins were hurting. I told her to walk while I tried to finish, but I was feeling pretty worn myself. By 3.25 miles, I was pretty much done—my calves were burning and my lower back was tight. I guess I shouldn’t have tried to make up those miles. I totally regretted it the next day during training with the group, because my legs were so sore!

Wednesday’s training plan was to do ~1 mile warm up run and then 2 miles at race pace, followed by another mile for cool down. My legs were super sore and I was feeling every step during the warm up, but later on I felt like the pain subsided and I was able to push myself somewhat.

On Thursday, I received a gift from Aunt Flo. When that time comes around, I get so lazy and hungry… and bitchy. So because of Aunt Flo, Thursday’s 4 miles were skipped. Instead, my sister and I went to buy hydration belts (we got the Nathan Trail Mix).

I’ve covered the low energy part, and now to the stupid… On Friday morning, my sister did something incredibly stupid—she was texting while walking down stairs and injured her ankle when she tripped or missed a step. Her ankle is swollen and bruised. Because of her ankle, she wasn’t able to train with the group on Saturday. 😦 AND she has not run since the Saturday before last.

Training on Saturdays are always pretty chill, even though they’re our long days. Last Saturday we ran 7 miles! My longest so far… I felt strong and my legs felt good (thanks to those CEP calf sleeves, I think). I want to stay strong and be careful of injury. So far, we have 2 members of our pace group out due to injury. 😦

Week 5 total: 14.39 mi


Baby Aiden
Meeting baby Aiden for the first time

I forgot I didn’t have that great of a week once I got to meet A*. A’s mom, Alice and I have known each other since elementary school. When Alice told me that she was pregnant last year, I was so excited! We didn’t get to meet him until a few weeks after he was born, but we didn’t mind the wait… it was worth it. What a sweetie he is. ♥


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