Half Training: Week 4

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.”

I’ve been a bit annoyed with my best friend’s lack of motivation lately. She has signed up for both the RnR Portland 10K as well as the RnR Seattle Half Marathon, but the most she has run so far is 3 miles. I think she’s underestimating the events, and it’s kinda ticking me off. Since our schedules don’t match, and she’s not signed up for the Fleet Feet training program, we don’t get to run together often. When she finally finds the time for physical activity, she’d run 2 miles max or walk a few miles with her fiancé. And don’t get me started on bad/cold weather—she wants none of that. I just hope she doesn’t become too overwhelmed by the distance after the 10K and give up the Half.

Anyway, on to the main topic… Week 4 in pictures:

Thursday sunset run
Thursday sunset run

Wednesday rainy day hill
Wet, but energized Saturday morning run with group

Pretty flowers along the course
Had to stop for pretty flowers. I love spring!

Nova Lox bagel post-run
Delish Nova Lox bagel post-run

Week 4 started off well, lazy. We were supposed to do 3 miles on Monday morning, but it didn’t work out (had terrible sleep & had to get to work). I should have done the 3 miles after work, but I had a huge headache… I thought, “oh well, there’s still tomorrow.”

Tuesday’s run was supposed to be 4 miles, but my sister was in a foul mood after work. When we finally got into the car to head to one of our favorite running trails, it was pouring out and we couldn’t find parking. By this time, her bad mood had rubbed off on me, and we both ended up saying, “FUCK IT!” Yikes. -7 miles in the beginning of week 4!

Wednesday was training day with the group. I was nervous, because the menu was 4 x 400 m. It sounded much scarier than it ended up being, which is really 4 x .25 mi with breaks in between. We warmed up with a run from Fleet Feet to Volunteer Park, and that was where we did the exercise. I did each split much faster than I thought I’d do them in, so I was quite proud of myself.

On Thursday, the gorgeous weather returned again, so the 3 miles was easy and warm. I asked my sister if she wanted to make up the 3 or 4 miles we lost on Monday & Tuesday, but we ended up being lazy. See? Week 4 was full of laziness (and bad meals). Eep!

Saturday’s weather was super gross typical PNW spring weather, so I wasn’t expecting an easy time out there. Surprisingly, I felt great and kept up with my group members fairly easy (I’m usually lagging behind). I’m worried for this Saturday though, because while we took a dip down to 4 miles last Saturday, this Saturday we go up to 7 miles! I hope my legs can keep up with my brain, or vice versa. 😉

Week 4 total: 11.09 mi


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