Half Training: Week 3

6 mile long run Saturday
Beautiful Lake Union during our 6-mile run

Post-run breakfast panini
Post-run breakfast panini, salad & cappuccino

GU Energy Gels

Week 3 of half marathon training with Fleet Feet ended nicely. On Saturday we went for a 6-mile run, my longest run to date. Wow. I struggled early on with both calves feeling tight, almost cramping. As usual, by mile 2 I was feeling better (it takes me a mile or 2 to warm up).

After about 45 minutes of running, I tried my very first GU—the Salted Caramel flavor to be exact. It tasted delicious, but I thought it was weird to eat melted caramel while exercising. Personally, it was a tad hard to swallow so it took me two squeezes and multiple gulps of water. I also bought a packet of Lemon Sublime, so I’m looking forward to trying that next. As for energy, I did notice a boost, but it didn’t carry me to the end. Though I think it was thanks to those hills!

This week was pretty tough for me. I kept running into calf problems and due to time constraints had to cut a few runs short. I hope to resolve these issues so that I won’t encounter any of these during my upcoming 10K.

Week 3 total: 15.39 miles

On Tuesday morning, my friends and I ran along the waterfront. It was still dark outside, so it made for some great photos. I especially love the Seattle Aquarium’s window with Downtown reflecting on it.

Early morning ampersand

Seattle Aquarium


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