Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Bound!

Pacific Peaks MedalMy sister & I are signed up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland 10K! How exciting. When I decided I would do the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon only after doing some 5Ks, people were a bit shocked I didn’t go for a 10K first.  But hey, goals are fun & you only live once, eh? This year is the inaugural 10K event for RnR Portland, so doing the 10K or 1/2 marathon + the Seattle 1/2 or full marathon will get you a Pacific Peaks medal. Sweet, I thought I’d have to do two halfs! Isn’t the medal cool? I mean check out Sasquatch workin’ it. 😀

run_03-18-2014Yesterday my sister & I did 4 miles according to the training plan, however, we both were not feeling all too good. My lower back was a bit strained due to incorrectly bending over repeatedly while cleaning during the weekend (stupid, I know).  My sister’s calf or something felt tight and her feet felt crampy—something we both suffer from at random times. On top of the muscle issues, I felt like I had to use the bathroom, but we both stopped bitching and pushed ourselves to finish.

In the beginning, I asked her if she wanted to just do 3 miles and cut it short, but we both thought that was cheating and I’m glad we finished the 4 miles. Whew, we are definitely stronger than we let ourselves believe.


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