Half Marathon Training // Week 1: Finished!

Half Marathon Training // Week 1: Finished!

So the first week of training is over! 15 weeks left to go! 

Saturday was our first long run. We did a hilly-ish 4 mile “lollipop” course. It was tough for me since I’m so slow and I don’t run hills. Plus, In the beginning, the area above my left ankle started feeling like it was going to cramp… so I took it even slower. Then, the back of my left heel was rubbing against my shoe. I have a nice blister now. Ouch.

Luckily for me, my sister and a mentor stuck with me. Our group has a bunch of mentors, and they are basically volunteers who have done the program before. Katie—our mentor du jour joined us in the beginning and stayed with us through the end. She was so nice, but I was feeling bad that I was so slow. Luckily, it did not rain until after we were done.

And now, a screenshot of the lollipop and proof of my (lack of) speed. Ha! I hope by the end of this program I am a teeny bit faster (please oh please).

Week 1 total: 11.31 miles



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