No Rain, No Pain Thursday

greenlake_run2 greenlake_run1 greenlake_run3 greenlake_run4 greenlake_run6

Phew! It didn’t rain today, finally. 😀 So yesterday I was supposed to go for a 3.5 mi run & strength training. Today was supposed to be a rest day, but yesterday my lower back was feeling tight so I skipped the plan. I intended to do strength training as well, but I was feeling really tired and lazy. I couldn’t really sleep until 4-5 am last night and didn’t have the most solid sleep, either. I am glad I got out there and ran though, because I was thinking of just skipping today too.  And how worth it was today’s run? It was absolutely gorgeous out there!

I think I’ll try to do my 5 mi long run tomorrow since I have a 5K race on Sunday. I truly hope that my time improves, I’d love to break 43 minutes. *crosses fingers*


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