Energy Chews

Lime-Ade Honey Stinger

I know I’m still in the beginning of building miles (and therefore don’t necessarily need them yet), but I was anxious to try energy chews. I ran into Fleet Feet Sports on Capitol Hill last weekend and picked up a package of the Lime-Ade Honey Stinger Energy Chews and a stick of Tropical Punch Shot Bloks.

I popped a Lime-Ade Honey Stinger before my 4 mile run on Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised. I thought it tasted great and I loved that it didn’t stick to my teeth. My sister thought it was too tart, but hello… it’s limeade flavored! 😛 Personally, I think the energy chew helped me out. I like to run in the morning after waking up, sans food (I’m always afraid of getting sick, and I’m not too hungry until 11-ish anyway). I usually start off really slow and have to stop a lot, but that morning I felt great and was able to keep pushing myself. Of course, I have my doubts… was it a placebo effect? I’ll definitely keep experimenting.

I’m looking forward to trying the Tropical Punch Shot Bloks next Sunday.

As for the run: Last Sunday’s 4 mile run was much faster than the previous Sunday’s, when I was suffering from some outer ankle pain in the beginning. I was relieved I didn’t have any pain and shaved 5 minutes from the previous time! 😀

This Week
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.5 mi + Functional Boot Camp
Wednesday: Boot Camp or Zumba
Thursday: 3.5 mi + Boot Camp
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Training
Sunday: 5K Race


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