Halloween Run & Boot Camp

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Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Thankfully I live in an apartment that doesn’t have many kids in it. I didn’t have to deal with any trick-or-treaters and didn’t go to any parties, so my Halloween was very quiet. In the afternoon, I went for a 3-mile run and then straight to a tough boot camp session. I definitely earned the pieces of candy I ate last night. 😉 Whew, my legs feel so tired today. 

I’ve recently downloaded the Nike+ Running app and I really like it. I’m also using RunKeeper with my friends, but now I just export my run data from my Garmin into RunKeeper. 😛 I like both for different reasons, Nike+ does a good job with motivation by giving out badges, trophies and encouragement. RunKeeper is fun because more of my friends are on it, and I can compete with them, plus there are a lot more trackable exercises on RunKeeper. However, I’m really enjoying collecting badges & trophies on Nike+ right now… I mean, check out this fun badge I got from yesterday’s run! 😀



And in boot camp… I set a few PR’s. I don’t usually lift barbells because I’m scared that I’d hurt myself, but I did:

  • 50lb overhead shoulder press
  • 50lb Romanian deadlift
  • 65lb bench press (from Tuesday)
  • 45lb clean & jerk (Tuesday)
  • 45lb barbell squats (Tuesday)

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